Retreat Camp

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How about getting away from the depression and the noise of life? Are you ready for a camp where you can rediscover yourself in nature and get relax, have fun and learn to live again?
Retreat Camp

First of all, avoid the dull, overwhelming, dungeon of your life!

It will tell you the meaning of life by integrating with nature, the pleasure of living and why you exist.

At the same time, Kamp Kartepe will teach you how to explore nature, relax your soul and solve problems easily.

Join the Kamp Kartepe Mental Calm Camp to relax, have fun and go home with change. You will never forget!

Features that are include or not
What's Included?All of the listed features are included in the package!

Under the supervision of professional instructor;

  • The power of the nature
  • Accommodation with 5 star comfort
  • Flavors worthy of your mouth
  • Emotional and psychological support (group theraphy)
  • Nature walks
  • Sports and trainings
  • Meditation
  • Pool Excersizes
  • Fun Group Competitions
  • Trainings
  • Men-Women separated Activities
  • Wood Camps
  • Wood Therapies
  • New and Unforgettable Friendships
  • Entertaining Programs
  • Daily Activities
  • Hobby Activities
What's Not Included?The features listed are not included in the price or are not supported.

Massages and home transfers or extra activities are not included in the package price. All other programs are included in the package price.

  1. 7 Days Program Content
    • The magnificent nature of Maşukiye and the oxygen of Kartepe Mountains
    • Accommodation in 2-3 rooms with 5 star comfort in our villas with pool
    • Emotional and Psychological Support
    • Meditation
    • Flavors worthy of your mouth
    • Nature Walks
    • Forest Therapy
    • Sports, Training and Exercises with Professional Trainers
    • Aqua Gym and Pool Activities
    • Fun Group Competitions, Survivor
    • Hobby Activities and Cultural Activities
    • Activities that keep you in social life
    • Jeep Safari
    • Truck Safari
    • Diving School
    • Rafting
    • Paragliding
    • 1 night in the forest Tent Camp
    • Horse Riding Training
    • Arrow Shoot Training
    • Outdoor Cinema
    • Fire and Poolside Live Music Organizations
    • In short, a wonderful camp program that will calm your soul.
    • Note: It is possible to change the program contents according to weather conditions or seasonal conditions. In the 7-day program, only 2 of the activities are performed.
Accommodation Types!

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Accommodation Types
Standart Room

Suit Room

No, alcohol is forbidden in our camp and other activities.

You can quit the camp anytime you want.

We’re sorry but you can’t bring your pet.

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